The Lean Way to Choose Talent

You're busy. Your schedule is full. You're running a business, and maintaining a budget. Every dollar counts. Every decision matters.

But when it comes to selecting a capable, reliable freelancer, what's your process? How do you invest in them confidently, always ensuring that the result is what you originally envisioned?

The answer: stay lean. Eliminate the unnecessary. Focus on essentials. Dig down to the very heart of your process. Which is all very easy to say, but how does this apply to finding good talent?

Read on! Here are three lean tips for finding excellent freelancers.

#1. Eliminate Uncertainty

The early stages of projects are full of risk and uncertainty. You have an idea, but no clear idea of how to make it real. You know the three essential steps, Build, Measure, and Learn, but how do you apply them?

Trylancer can help! Here are some ideas:

  1. Have one of Trylancer's marketing gurus to do some basic research. Find out which content resonates and which words gain traction, before dumping a heap of cash into what may eventually be a dead end.
  2. Ask the writers on Trylancer to submit one- or two-line samples that try to capture your vision. Pick your favorite and have them flesh that out into a broader description.
  3. Request some simple prototypes—sketches, wireframes, layouts—to start making your ideas real. Pick the one (or ones!) you like the most and iterate a few times with its freelancer.

Divide and conquer! Shine a light on little bits of your problem at a time, until you've got the domain figured out.

#2. Work Smarter, Not Harder

You're an expert in many things, but a portion of wisdom is knowing when to delegate. Perhaps you could design that logo yourself, or build that website. But do you have the time? Could a dedicated expert possibly do it faster, or better?

Work smarter. Put out another call on Trylancer.

  1. Tell us what you want, in as much detail as you'd like.
  2. Qualified freelancers respond with samples of how they’d approach it.
  3. Choose the sample you like best, and iterate with that freelancer.
  4. Profit!

Life is too short to create content nobody wants. It’s why we’ve gone out of our way to build a “try before you buy” system that’s guaranteed to get you the results you need.

#3. Think Lean

Give yourself permission to iterate. Change your thinking from it’s got to be a hole in one to the next version will be better. Lean is all about learning.

It's a mindset, and it can be acquired. Take baby steps. Experiment. Measure. Learn. Use Trylancer as a tool to help at each phase, finding the right talent for the right experiments and analyses.

You’ll find yourself well ahead of the game.