Name Your Price

It's your project. It's your budget. You're paying the wages; shouldn't you be able to name your price, as well?

We think so, too! That's why Trylancer lets you set the dollar amount that you're willing to pay for each project you create.

Here are a few examples of recent projects on Trylancer. The prices are just suggestions — depending on your particular needs, you should feel free to adjust them higher or lower. (Keep in mind, though, that if you lowball too much, the most-sought-after freelancers may not bother applying.)

Some recent projects...

3-Part MUST-OPEN Email Campaign $95.00
Don't be ignored by potential customers! Get copywriting pros to devolop your email campaign.
Landing Page Text to Die For $150.00
Make that first impression count! Give your landing page a genuine punch with some expertly-crafted copy.
Controversial Article? Traffic Spike! $85.00
Let an expert write you something thought-provoking about a controversial topic. Watch your traffic and engagement surge!
7-Part CAN'T IGNORE Drip Email Campaign $180.00
Customers rarely convert overnight! Establish those relationships now through a professionally-scripted 7-part email campaign.
4 Traffic-Boosting Blog Posts $260.00
Give customers a reason to visit your site! These professionally-written articles are sure to drive traffic.
Your Contest ➜ Social Media SENSATION $100.00
Contests are an effective way to engage with customers and build brand awareness. Let a professional script yours!
Webinar, Guide or Tutorial. Oh, my! $250.00
Want to teach your customers something? We'll research it and write it up for you!
Make Them Smile With A Trivia Quiz $99.00
Engage your customers and build awareness with a fun, 10-question quiz about your company or product! Just tell us the topic, and we'll do the rest.
E-book? Easy! $490.00
Build your credibility and establish yourself as a thought leader with an e-book! Just tell us the subject matter, and we'll do the rest.
10 MUST-CLICK Google Ads $90.00
Don't spend a fortune on feeble advertising! Experiment with 10 professional Google Ads.
20 Irresistable Google Ads $180.00
Make your ads sizzle! Optimize for success with 20 professional Google Ads.
SURE-SELL Product Descriptions $99.00
Tell us about your products. We'll turn around and give you up to three expertly-crafted product descriptions.
Viral Video Script Keeps Them Watching $135.00
Want that video to really take off? Let a professional script it for you!
Killer SEO Content for Blog $70.00
Just tell us the keywords to highlight. We'll send you an amazing blog post that will hoist you up the Google search results ladder.
Convince Them With A Case Study $250.00
Show your customers why you're the best for the job! We'll craft you a solid case study highlighting the superiority of your methods.
Polish That Article ☀︎ Make It SHINE $50.00
You bring the text, we bring the spit-and-polish! Let a professional editor apply some shine, and really make it sing.
Deep Dive With A Long-Form Article $125.00
In depth research on any topic of your choosing! We'll do a deep dive and give you a blog post or article of at least 750 words.