The Freelance Developers
Who Built Trylancer

In the order they joined the movement

Ilya Bodrov-Krukowski

Ilya is in charge of a number of key capabilities for Trylancer including chat, file management, logins, personal landing pages and a state-of-the-art referral system. When Ilya joined Trylancer, he rewrote everything and turned a poorly functioning prototype into a robust platform.

Ilya is legendary for his development speed and reliability; he finishes his code exactly when he says he will. Outside of Trylancer, Ilya is a prolific author and tutor, contributing to publications including Sitepoint, Scotch, Eduonix, and other platforms.

Distinguished Alumni

Jamis Buck

Jamis is a world famous maker. He was a core team member for Ruby on Rails and Basecamp. When he joined the team, Jamis improved the workflow process for all of Trylancer's design and development needs. He built intricate systems to recruit and pay talent that are the backbone of Trylancer. Jamis invented flexible templates so clients can get their projects launched seamlessly. He is instrumental in crafting the voice and tone of Trylancer.

For fun, he writes popular books on mazes.